Book review: Missing Pieces by Caroline de Costa

Indigenous cop Cass Diamond is asked to help with an unusual missing person search. Wealthy businessman Andrew Todd died in 2012 and left directions in his will to search for a child, Yasmin Munoz, who went missing from a picnic spot near Cairns in 1992.

Whilst poking around, Cass discovers that in 1990 Todd’s daughter-in-law to be went missing from a Brisbane party thrown for her engagement. At the time police believed there was no link between the two events, but Cass has a hunch. The search leads Cass to a farm on the Atherton Tablelands and she becomes the victim of a kidnapping herself along with two other women.

Missing Pieces published by Wild Dingo Press, is the second novel in a series by Caroline de Costa and was shortlisted in the 2016 Davitt Awards. Set in Queensland it is great to see a strong, shrewd and feisty Aboriginal woman as the protagonist. Many twists and turns are woven through the story and it touches on a range of themes including single motherhood, politics, race and the environment.

For readers with a social conscience who like police procedurals.

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