Find a Way

go into the wild
for that is where you will find yourself
among poets, anarchists and madness
become drenched in the wisdom of others
be still with their words as they fall from the heavens
turn with their languages, tongues and passions
for each has his own torment
each his own desires, and fears, and loves
when the heart moves it comes to stillness
the teacher emerges as a beautiful seer
for even those cloaked in the cloth of simplicity
become graceful in the light of the oracle
bow down and give thanks for those you have found
even the obstinate bring clarity when you sit with their pains
words do not have to be ordered
nor cloaked in certainties robes to bring meaning
allow them to flow as nature intended
as a river at the mercy of the seasons
do not try to hold their torrent nor forge their path
for water will always find its own way

Image: Cape Liptrap, Victoria

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