R L Smith

R L Smith is a writer of short stories and poetry and is currently working on her first mystery novel.

R L Smith’s first love was poetry, but she started writing fiction in early 2016.  She won the Financial Crime Prize in the first short story competition she entered (the 2017 Scarlet Stiletto Awards) which was a huge motivator and she has been working on developing her craft since. She finds creative writing is a chance to unshackle her mind, and a legitimate way for a grown up to have imaginary friends.

Some of her fiction and poetry can be read via this website. She’ll let you know via her blog when she adds fresh content. You can follow her blog via the link at the bottom of this page.

R L Smith grew up in Melbourne’s east and has lived in East Gippsland, London, Portugal, Murchison on the Goulburn River and Elsternwick before settling in Warrandyte.

Some random facts about R L Smith:

  1. As a kid she loved to watch Mr Squiggle.  She used to get her parents to make a squiggle on a piece of paper so she could turn it into a drawing.  She think this is why she find writing competitions that include prompts fun. The prompts are like the squiggle you have to turn into a cohesive whole.
  2. She was a horse trainer and teacher of classical dressage for many years.  Now she rides a bicycle.
  3. She used to be an acrobalance circus performer.
  4. She loves good food, is an avid gardener and a devotee of the chef Yotam Ottolenghi.
  5. She believes strongly in the value concept of social justice despite her penchant for crime fiction and thrillers.
  6. She lives with her partner and a dog the size of a small pony who she is trying to teach to go running, help with gardening and to be a good writing companion.
  7. She have been lucky enough to travel widely for work and leisure and enjoys learning about other cultures, art and the natural environment.
  8. She took up surfing as an adult and thinks it’s a lot of fun.
  9. In her day job she writes briefings, corporate plans, website content, annual reports, research papers and speeches.
  10. She can’t watch TV programs like Utopia and The Hollowmen as she find them to be too much like her real life workplace.

Image: my writing view, Warrandyte