Short stories

Short stories are pure fun.  Most of these have been written for competitions, some have been published, some not.


Detective Manning has a problem. High school quarterbacks are vanishing in the lead up to the football finals whilst playing truant from school.

I wrote Blitz in 48 hours, then spent several days editing it for the NYC Midnight 12th Annual Short Story Challenge in March 2018.  This was a hoot. Eight days to write an original story.  A clock is ticking.  Writers enter into heats and are given a genre, a subject and a character.  I had mystery, truancy and a chiropractor.  Stray too far from the rules and you can get disqualified.

A Gift of Thoth

Jane wants to write, but a dead man keeps interrupting her.  Sleepy seaside towns are not always what they seem.

I wrote A Gift of Thoth whilst on a surfing holiday at Byron Bay. I was pretty chuffed when it won the Financial Crime Prize for the 2017 Scarlet Stiletto Awards. It’s published as an ebook by Clan Destine Press in a collection of the winning stories called Scarlet Stiletto Ninth Cut.

Image: Apartment Artwork, Berlin