Poetry, you either love it or hate it.  My dad used to read me limericks and Dr Suess when I was young. I loved the way the words created a rhythm. In high school I became mesmerized by Rumi and writing poetry became an outlet for the surging emotions of youth.   I appreciated the economy of poetry, how so much could be said with so few words and how its abstract structure and word play left room for interpretation. Read into it what you will.

Below are some samples of my poetry, some published, most not:

Perigee – published Cool Rock Repository Lunar Expo, 2021

Ou – unpublished, 2021

Meet The Creator – unpublished 2021

Dog walkers – unpublished, 2021

Stop loving me – unpublished, 2021

Death of a Salesman – unpublished, 2020

Feet of Clay – spoken word, domestic noir, prose poetry, performed 2019, 2020

Odd Fish – unpublished, 2017

The Fall – unpublished, 2017

Salt – unpublished, 2016

Fourth Hill – unpublished, 2016

Tram Poet – unpublished, 2016

Mermaid – unpublished, 2016

Find a Way – unpublished, 2016

Witching Hour – third prize Clare Readers and Writers Festival, 2016

Fires Edge – unpublished, 2016

19 Kilometres – unpublished, 2016

Newstead Mud-house – shortlisted for the notJack Writers prize, 2015

Primed – unpublished, 2015

Tiny Beauties – unpublished, 2015

The Line – published UNESCO City of Literature, Krakow Multipoetry program, 2015

Symphony– unpublished, 2015

The Silver Thread – unpublished, 2015

The Intimacy of Food – unpublished, 2015

Road to Redemption – published in Make your Mark 5, 2014

Inferno – shortlisted for the Axel Clarke Memorial Prize for Poetry, 2014

Haiku – unpublished, various

Image: UNESCO City of Literature, Krakow Multipoetry program, 2015